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Description: QR campaign or activity is specially designed to offer a customizable information in several languages and updated on awareness campaigns or cultural promotion as a presentation or program. You can add text, links, pictures, videos and update information at any time, quickly and easily. It is the best way to bring people to the visitors and citizens the necessary information about a campaign.


  • QR Cultural Promotion. QR to include a brochure, poster presentations and cultural events featuring information and links relating to cultural promotion that makes the town (advertises competitions, seminars, workshops, etc.).
  • QR Awareness Campaign. Information campaign linked to activities related blogs, program planned events, etc..
  • QR Reading Development. A campaign to promote reading with fragments of works to read while doing some activities is the perfect complement to encourage digital reading using mobile.
  • QR Recycling Day. Advertise and reports on the Jornada. Includes links to the program of events, attendees, websites or blogs related to the topic. Add tips or links to regulations, etc..
  • Etc.
  • Tricks / tips:
  • Use this code in conjunction with other dynamic QR codes. For example:
  • Use this code to be linked from QR type map or directory include in your point cloud information for this code. For example in the municipal Events Directory.

Personalization of Content:

  • Title
  • Presentation (with text editor such as Microsoft Word)
  • Photos (image and text to the caption)
  • Videos (image and text to foot video)
  • Links (link and text to show)
  • Map (showing geo)

Customizing Styles (Design):

  • Background Color,
  • Title [type font, font size, font color, alignment]
  • Text [Font, Font Size, Font Color, Alignment, Appearance, Margin]

And many additional options:

QR RápidoGeolocalización QRMulti-idiomaEnlace a Redes SocialesMulti-AccesoSEO - Posicionamiento en buscadoresEstadísticas en tiempo real
  • Example standard. Here are a standard example, with options that come by default when you select this item to create the content of our dynamic QR. The link takes you to a simulator with content, where you can see how it would on any device. Remember that you can customize to your liking, seeing in the information sheet that can set fields.

  • Proclamation of festivity. It tells the story of the opening, adds details that give it personality, add photos and video of the opening summary or last year. QR coupon that can be reused each year and keep up to date at all times.

  • Promoting reading. Campaign in promoting reading will help you to know where to get advice, play with my children or perform tips for using reading as a vehicle for health in daily life.
Where do they go?

It is best to put it at the head of those publications to which the general public access to information campaign. For example in the poster on the cover of brochures, handouts, as a widget on your blog page or website, etc..

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