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Description: When nothing satisfies your needs or you are an expert and want to create your own content using your tools, this is the item you want. "From Zero" allows you to enter the content you want with the technical configuration you choose. It's like giving a blank canvas to the painter to paint the box at will and with their techniques.


  • QR to the letter. It allows you to include the content you want, in the format you choose and as you wish. You can access and edit both HEAD and the BODY sections, so there is no limitation to what you want to create and include in the content.

Personalization of Content:

  • HEAD section.
  • Content or BODY section

Customizing Styles (Design):

  • In the absence of automatic rules, no field configuration design, up to you. Use the HEAD to add your own style sheet.


    There are two important notes to consider:

    • Using inexperienced. For those who are not computer savvy or web techniques, they can create any content, and thanks to the editor you can create content like a Microsoft Word document is involved.

    Adaptability. Be very careful when creating content for it to display properly on all devices, since the proper manufacture of the content depends on the proper display in all types of devices, screen sizes and resolutions. Using techniques Responsive web is the most convenient. Tests the content before making it available for public viewing solve possible problems.

And many additional options:

QR RápidoGeolocalización QRMulti-idiomaEnlace a Redes SocialesMulti-AccesoSEO - Posicionamiento en buscadoresEstadísticas en tiempo real
  • Example standard. Here are a standard example, with options that come by default when you select this item to create the content of our dynamic QR. The link takes you to a simulator with content, where you can see how it would on any device. Remember that you can customize to your liking, seeing in the information sheet that can set fields.

Where do they go?

Like the QR redirection, this code is very ubiquitous and depend on the content you include and their possible use, which set the guidelines of the brackets and put it where access to the target audience is the most appropriate.

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