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Description: The cultural sites should have their digital space to have information that citizens and visitors can quickly access and mobility. Find a complementary digital information anytime and anywhere will be a very rewarding experience for visitors and citizens.


  • QR Street. For streets, avenues and squares. Contribute to the visitors or the public people, information about the name of the track. Do not let the name is just a name and give added value to public roads.
  • QR Birthplace. A plaque on the front of the home of an important figure does not reveal too much information about himself. The Birthplace dynamic QR will provide additional digital information, thus improving your experience on the visit. Add photos or videos and you will improve and make a memorable visit.
  • QR Historical Fact. How many times had, or contemplate where we stand befell relevant historical facts that deserve to be remembered. Use a QR Historical Fact to have happened in a place, corner or spot of a municipality.
  • QR Film Stage. Nothing like associating a street, park, house, bar or landscape vivid memory while a movie is watched. Add an element of interest tourist noting that movies were filmed in these enclaves.
  • Etc.

Tricks / tips:

Use this code in conjunction with other dynamic QR codes. For example:

  • If you are part of a network of information points link it as an access point or home directory map. For example make a movie route with the municipality scenarios that were used in the filming of movies.
  • Bind this code from a brochure, card or sticker.

Personalization of Content:

  • Image.
  • Name.
  • URL social networks. Getting your content is shared.
  • Address.
  • Map. [Title and Location]
  • Presentation. A formatted text.
  • Pictures.

You can make fields appear or not according to your strategic objectives.

Customizing Styles (Design):

  • Background. [Background Color, Background Color Indoor]
  • Typefaces. [Title, Text]

And many additional options:

QR RápidoGeolocalización QRMulti-idiomaEnlace a Redes SocialesMulti-AccesoSEO - Posicionamiento en buscadoresEstadísticas en tiempo real
  • Example standard. Here are a standard example, with options that come by default when you select this item to create the content of our dynamic QR. The link takes you to a simulator with content, where you can see how it would on any device. Remember that you can customize to your liking, seeing in the information sheet that can set fields.

  • Birthplace. Increases and enriches the experience of citizens and visitors of persons visiting the birthplace of famous people with a dynamic QR. Add, photos and videos about the house, the famous character, his age, or activity for which stressed.

  • Movie set. Walk on the street where that movie was in the cinema evokes in the visitor the sensations experienced person in the film, shifting their mood to the scenes of the same and increasing experience with the film was shot memory. Use this type of QR with itineraries film your municipality.
Where do they go?

The QR cultural attraction is ideal to put in plates, ceramics, stickers on signs on public roads, and to use it as a link point maps, directories or thematic itineraries.

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