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Description: Dynamic QR vCard or Business card is ideal for digital life to give our contact details complement are a business, professional or even personal level. Data can change as the interest you without having to print new cards on paper, and whoever receives the scan and get all the advantages of having data on the mobile directly. Nothing better to give an image of modernity and keep abreast of new technological trends.


  • Professional VCard QR. Increase your prestige innovative and modern know, add your dynamic QR to your card and your customers will thank you have contact details on your phone with a simple scan, social networking and shared by anyone saying they do not know you.
  • VCard QR Company. Although VCard seemingly designed for one person, putting the company logo and contact details, you will have a VCard perfect company to introduce your business to your customers. Use it in brochures, posters or business cards.
  • VCard QR Contact. Ideal to offer digital, quick and useful contact details form, whether a person, office, store or office. Give your contact through mobile devices and reaches everywhere.
  • Etc.

Personalization of Content:

  • Name.
  • Photo.
  • Profession.
  • Presentation.
  • Personal data:
  • Company.
  • Cargo.
  • Phones.
  • Mobile / Cellular.
  • Email.
  • Address 1.
  • Address 2.
  • Website.
  • Comment.
  • Map. Location.
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Skype.

* You can not make or appear content to your liking.

Customizing Styles (Design):

  • Design: Choose from several designs to your taste and the image you want to give.
  • Backgrounds: [Background Color, Background Color interior, superior, inferior inner background color, image, texture]
  • Typefaces Text: [Title, Subtitle, General]
  • Links: [Color, Color on Color on line]

And many additional options:

QR RápidoGeolocalización QRMulti-idiomaEnlace a Redes SocialesMulti-AccesoSEO - Posicionamiento en buscadoresEstadísticas en tiempo real
  • Here are a standard example Business, Here you will find a standard example, with options that come by default when you select this item to create the content of your dynamic QR. The link takes you to a simulator where you can see how it would on any device. Remember that you can customize it to your taste, the information sheet you can see that fields can be configured.

Where do they go?

The QR is specially designed VCard for you to put in personal business cards, company, or any means of contact. You can also add it to resumes, brochures, posters, projects, budgets, presentations, etc.. Whenever you have to provide your contact information or your company, a dynamic QR vCard you solve all your communication needs.

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