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Description: The QR Schedule enables you to report all your schedules. Whether opening the local service or office, to the time slots you personally or call center, schedule availability of facilities, etc..


  • QR Opening Hours. For establishments with opening hours, offices, supervised areas, etc. Add a dynamic QR classics schedules on paper and give life to your schedule, and can modify it without having to re-print a paper and allowing the user to take it to your device Mobile.
  • QR Hours Care. If you have different time slots or telephone support staff, you can put each other explanatory heading up to four times for each of them.
  • QR Sections schedules. Provided that no more than four time slots for title, you will have a list of time slots with its description. For example: Hours in sports: Tennis X mornings, afternoons and track, etc ...
  • Etc.

Personalization of Content:

  • Title
  • Logo
  • Web page
  • Timetable: Add as many as you need, and for each school will receive a text and up to four time slots.
        • Text.
        • Schedule 1. From - To
        • Classes 2. From - To
        • Schedule 3. From - To
        • Schedule 4. From - To
  • Local time zones. Reports the time zone of your area, so there will be no misunderstandings between different time zones of the world.
  • Contact: Add links to contact as many as you need for each one of them: [link to contact Icon]
  • Comment: Add any comment, annotation, tips or communicate what you need and put the appropriate title [Review, comment text button]. For example, indicates when it is closed for holidays or what to do if it is closed at the time.

Can you or the different fields you appear not to your taste.

Customizing Styles (Design):

  • Backgrounds: [Background Color, Background Color Indoor]
  • Texts: [Title Font, Font Text]
  • Links: [Color links on Color, Background Color]

And many additional options:

QR RápidoGeolocalización QRMulti-idiomaEnlace a Redes SocialesMulti-AccesoSEO - Posicionamiento en buscadoresEstadísticas en tiempo real
  • Here you will find a standard for retail, with options that come by default when you select this item to create your dynamic content example QR. The link takes you to a simulator with content, where you can see how it would on any device .. Remember you can customize it to your liking seeing in the information sheet that can set fields.

  • Schedules Gym,   various services of the gym and its list of schedules will be reflected in an orderly and complete, and best, any changes you do when you want and is updated instantly. Put it in brochures and on posters in the facility and that no activity is lost because they did not know when.

  • Telephone support hours, if you have several time slots and / or other services to the public, this code will allow you to report them to complete and orderly manner, enabling customers to find the information easily and thoroughly reliable. Post it as a widget on your website or blog and add it to brochures and advertising company.
Where do they go?

Depending on the service that makes sense to you can use this code to put it in different formats at different sites suitable for the target audience to find it easily. On the facade, storefront, bulletin buildings, shops, businesses, offices, facilities, brochures, posters, via widgets on websites, blogs or attach it in emails with the firm, and so you will inform about the dates in a novel way and original.

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