A QR municipality is any community that has managed to unite digital life and physical life in a single meeting point. This happens through the moving object (QR code) which enables immediate response to the needs of the municipality users. VillageQR facilitates the daily life of its inhabitants and energizes their culture and business environment..

What is VillageQR?

VillageQR of Rotacode is a network of interactive maps 3.0 composed of Living & Smart Communities, whose citizenship has chosen the mobile web and the QR codes as a tool for interaction with their closest environment.

Geo-localization and experimentation. In VillageQR we improve the user experience by combining creativity and dynamicity in linking the physical world and the digital world through the use of QR codes.

This network of interactive maps provides various search and location options within the geo-locations that form a part of the entire network on a global level. Within each map you will find information and interaction options related to the municipalities, culture, tourism and the business area of each community. We create living maps in continuous development.

VillageQR Map
"Technology has become a natural protagonist of our daily lives. Today we talk about the analog and the digital world as melted oneness and our daily work implies countless actions where both spheres interact together."
Village QR

.. What contents a QR code of the VillageQR ?

A QR code is an independent moving object in QR code format. We say that this QR code is of living nature, because it is managed by a platform that allows the user to develop Mobile Marketing campaigns without having any programming or designer knowledge.These campaigns are linked to the QR technology, enjoying all the advantages of the dynamic QR codes of Rotacode. Those can be updated from anywhere and at any time.)

VillageQR QR Codesare used for generic campaigns addressed toindividuals as well as to advertising, cultural, touristic and commercial organizations. Their creation is simple and fast. The user haslater on a variety of possibilities for their distribution and management.He disposes over complete control of the campaigns. Their designs adapt to all mobile devicesand can be displayed in 10 languages.

Distinctive The distinctive VillageQR is given to those municipalities which request the VillageQRservices and who wish to belong to the network of Living Municipalities .

.. How do I distinguish a QR code of VillageQR?

If interested, please contact via the contact form.




.. How to use VillageQR?

Search : With this tool you can search for places of interest within the network of VillageQR or stick to the area you are viewing at the map .
Groups - Tours | Categories: By clicking on one of these buttons, the searchtab opensa window with quick results. The informationfoundis grouped by topic or category.
View venue information: click on the markers on the left bar of the screen.

Using the MAP VillageQR :

Moving around the map by dragging it with the mouse or using the arrow map.
Zoom in: click on the + button or double click with the left mouse button on the map.
Zoom out: by clicking the - button up or double-clicking the right mouse button on the map.

To access data from a point on the map: You can move the mouse over the item and an information window will open automatically with the title of the spot. If you click on the item detailed information on the same will appear in the left bar.

In the left bar of the screen appearsa list of the points of the map. By clicking on an item a new window with the contents of that QR code will be open.

Use the SEARCH VillageQR :
You can access each of the tabs of QR codes, which are automatically loaded in the search by clicking on the image. A separate window with information linked to that tab, or QR code will open automatically.





VillageQR, enliven your municipality
And take benefit of it through use of QR Codes!

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